Current Affairs 2019 Pdf download

Current Affairs 2019 for All Compititive Exams
Current Affairs 2019 Pdf download

Current Affairs 2019 for All Compititive Exams, Railway Group-D, Railway Ntpc,SSC Cgl, SSC Mts,Ssc, Chsl,And Others Govt Requirements,And Entrance Examination 2019

1 : Chipko movement in India is related with 
A. Soil Conservation 
B. Water Conservation 
C. Conservation of forests 
D. Conservation of coal 

Ans. Conservation of forests 

2 : Rayon is also called 
A. Insperene 
B. Natural Grass 
C. Artificial Silk 
D. Natural Silk 

Ans. Artificial Silk 

3 : Wimbledon Trophy is associated with 
A. Football 
B. Table Tennis 
C. Lawn Tennis 
D. Hockey 

Ans. Lawn Tennis 

4 : Petrology is the science of 
B. Petrol 
C. Parents relations
D. A and B 

Ans. Rocks 

5 : Who is the author of the book ' Dark room '  ?
A. T. S. Eliot 
B. R. K. Narayanan 
C. Vivekananda 
D. Leo Tolstoy 

Ans. R. K. Narayanan 

6 : National Horticulture Mission was Launched in which five 
Year Plan? 
A. Seventh 
B. Ninth 
C. Tenth 
D. Fourth 

Ans. Tenth 

7 : Who founded Hindu Maha Sabha? 
A. Tilak 
B. Jayaprakash Narayan 
C. Pandit Malaviya 
D. Aurobindo Ghosh 

Ans. Pandit Malaviya 

8 : Which one of the following snakes does not reproduce by 
A. Cobra 
B. Rat snake 
C. Russell's viper

Ans. Rat snake 

9 : Mother Teresa was born in 
A. Switzerland 
B. India 
C. Albania 
D. Germany 

Ans. Albania 

10 : The Arjuna awards are given to outstanding persons in 
the field of 
A. Medicine 
B. Sports 
C. Art 
D. Social service 

Ans. Sports 

11 : The first Asian Games were held at 
A. Manila 
B. Tokyo 
C. Jakarta 
D. New Delhi 

12 : Who is the author of the book  ' Wings of fire ' ?
laying eggs?
A. Vikram Seth 
B. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam 
C. Arundhati Roy 
D. M.J. Akbar 

Ans. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam 

13 : Which country among the following is a permanent 
member of the U.N. Security Council ? 
A. Switzerland 
B. People's Republic of China 
C. Japan 
D. Ukraine 

Ans. People's Republic of China 

14 : Who was the famous author among the Prime Ministers 
of England ? 
A. Churchill 
B. William Pitt 
C. Disraeli 
D. None of the above 

Ans. William Pitt 

15 : India's water jet - propelled Fast Attack Craft (FAC) 
A. INS Kobra 
B. INS-21 
C. INS Karuva 
D. INS Rajah

Ans. INS Kobra 

16 : Through Telugu-Ganga project, drinking water is supplied
to ______ 
A. Hyderabad 
B. Chennai 
C. Bangalore 
D. Thiruvananthapuram 

Ans. Chennai 

17 : The number of members in SAARC is 
A. 5 
B. 7 
C. 8 
D. 9 

Ans. 8 

18 : The headquarters of International Red Cross society is at 
A. London 
B. Geneva 
C. Paris 
D. Cairo 

Ans. Geneva 

19 : nternationall court of justice is at 
A. Geneva 
B. Newyork
C. The Hague 
D. Paris 

Ans. The Hague 

20 : The headquarters of UNO is at 
A. Geneva 
B. Amsterdam 
C. London 
D. Newyork

Ans. Newyork 

21 : The first cricketer who scored more than 10,000 runs in 
test cricket is 
A. Allan Border 
B. Brain Lara 
C. Tendulkar 
D. Sunil Gavaskar 

Ans. Sunil Gavaskar 

22 : Davis cup is associated with the following sport. 
A. Football 
B. Kabadi 
C. Lawn Tennis 
D. Hockey 
Ans. Lawn Tennis

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